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Casting 大進展(其實板上應該很多人知道了XD): 除了梅姨飾演毒辣語不驚人死不休老母(Violet Weston)。 及鳳凰女的死紮摸估一阿大女兒(Barbara Weston)之外。 最近分別cast了: 1.Juliette Lewis as Karen Weston The youngest daughter in the Weston family, age 40. She is newly engaged to Steve, whom she considers the "perfect man", and lives with him in Florida, planning to marry him soon. Karen can talk of little else but her own happiness even at her father's funeral, and she clearly chooses to lie to herself about her sleezy fiancé rather than face the reality of not getting a happy ending. - 可惡原本想說這角色可以找Jennifer Aniston的! 好想看她跟梅姨演母女! 又可以擺脫只演愛情喜劇沒演技的惡名! 看劇本和簡介很適合JA耶! 不過Juliette也是值得信賴的女演員(光輝20代)。 2.Abigail Breslin as Jean Fordham Bill and Barbara's smart-tongued 14-year-old daughter. She smokes pot and cigarettes, is a vegetarian, loves old movies, and is bitter about her parents' split. More naive than she would like to believe. - 小太陽要演smart-tongued著實難以想像QQ 3.Margo Martindale as Mattie Fae Aiken Violet's sister, Charlie's wife and Little Charles' mother, age 57. Just as jaded as her sister, Mattie Fae constantly belittles her son and antagonizes her husband. Eventually she reveals the major plot point that Beverly, not Charlie, is the real father of Little Charles. - 也演過The Hours 4.Chris Cooper as Charles Aiken Husband of Mattie Fae and the presumed father of Little Charles, age 60. Charlie, a genial man, was a lifelong friend of Beverly. He struggles to get Mattie Fae to respect Little Charles. - 老戰友了,合作過Adaptation. -- 離開布宜諾斯艾利斯回到香港之前,黎耀輝去了一遍台北。 在遼寧街夜市,他找到張的家人,他見著張站在燈塔前面的照片。 他安心了:在未來的日子當中,總有機會,他會很溫柔很溫柔的跟他說: 「我們不如重新開始。」 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊( ◆ From: ※ 編輯: gn02174082 來自: (08/10 20:26)

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這部片好像會對上 美國總統的管家 歐肥姐...
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凱特布蘭琪 最近也大張旗鼓 2014頒獎會很HIGH
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是說 小太陽演這個很可以想像呀
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